Update regarding latest Foothill Dr. Plans from UDOT

Thank you so much for your patience as we sought information about plans on Foothill and allowed time for Mayor Mendenhall to communicate with UDOT.  Our transportation department developed this memo and map (attached) describing the plans or opportunities right now Here are some of the main takeaways:


  • Based on the latest feedback and a technical analysis of impacts, SLC and UDOT leadership have determined that additional lanes along Foothill Drive are not feasible, now or in the future, and will work to eliminate that option from long range plans.
  • Salt Lake City has been, and will continue to work with UDOT and UTA on a series of feasible, incremental improvements along the corridor that align with the goals of the 2017 Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy.
  • We look forward to working closely with the community as we strive to make tangible progress on tackling issues on Foothill Drive.


I’m certain this won’t answer all questions but I hope it does most regarding the concerns around Foothill Blvd.  Please let me know if we can work on anything else for you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Jamie.

Weston Clark

Director of Community Outreach


Office of the  MAYOR


801-450-1122 cell

801-535-7117 office